Friday 7 January 2022

Britains American civil war in the 60s

These were part of my childhood. I didn't have many but I had the Confederate officer and a few others.

This was the first historical period I was interested in. It was around the centenary in the 60s but mostly it was brought out by the amazing toy soldiers made by Britains. I found these images online. 

Images from the 1968 catalogue.


  1. I remember having a few of what I believe were figures from this range. Three or four Confederates I think.

  2. Wonderful memories. My infantry were mainly the older, solid models without exchangeable/moving parts but I had about 10 of the cavalry figures - and the Napoleon cannon but without the crew. My most played with toys - until Action Man came along.

  3. This takes me back - the catalogue pictures are a real blast from the past, I lusted over them so often. I sold my figures on eBay a few years ago - all I have left is one cannon I kept to sell with my Union Horse Team but that has defied all attempts to find it. Might as well list my last cannon soon as I reckon the team is lost for good.