Monday, 9 January 2023

DEUX VIES - In der Hitze des Gefechts (WW1 Kurzfilm)

A short movie.

Zwei junge Soldaten treffen während eines Scharmützels aufeinander. Wenige Augenblicke entscheiden dabei über Leben und Tod. Mit diesem Film beschäftigen wir uns erstmals filmisch mit dem Thema Erster Weltkrieg. Wir freuen uns auf eure Kommentare dazu. 🎵Musik: Clemens Weinhold

Under Two Flags (1936). Full movie colourised

 Great Foreign Legion adventure that was a hit at the box office. I admit I am a fan of Victor McLaglen.  Wiki on the film here

Sunday, 8 January 2023

Emhar 1/35 WW1 German artillery

 This model is worth tracking down if you like 1/35 WW1. The figures are not so hot but the fun is ace. Emhar also did British artillery and British and German infantry. Pics from Michigan toy soldier where they stock them.

ICM WW1 vehicles and figures 1/35

 ICM from the Ukraine do a very good range of 1/35 models and figures for WW1. I planned to use them for Wargames. Mounted on washers.  Also see here

Miniart 1/35 WW1 vehicles

 A tempting range of great models here

Rolls-Royce book bargain from the Tank Museum


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