Tuesday 2 October 2012

Photos from this year's Alma reenactment

Here. And even more from here. 
News video here
Photos here

More photos here


  1. What they lack in US Civil War reenacting numbers, they make up in detail and variety. They sure had a nice day for the event. I'm hoping the Russian lady reenactor blogger linked to my blog will soon post about this event. I don't see her yet in the crowd photos on other Russian sites.Thank for the links!

  2. As always the friendship and warm reception by both our fellow reeanctors and the Ukrainian people makes this long journey for us from the UK worthwhile. This year was a first with one of our girls coming along as well - all building up for the 160th in 2014 - thanks again to all concerned and thanks for supporting the event via this site - atb Tim


  3. Hi, Ralph! I've done a little post too. It's about french camp and tomorrow I'm going to post pictures of russian historical camp :)

  4. already put a link up - a few seconds ago