Wednesday 10 October 2012

Crimean Heroes and Trophies at Woolwich

This photograph of 'Crimean Heroes and Trophies at Woolwich' is a copy from Queen Victoria's photo album, 13 March 1856 and shows two soldiers of the Royal Artillery, with captured Russian trophies, a trumpet, a drum and a standard-staff.
The man standing is Trumpeter Gritten and the boy is William Laing. Boys as young as 13 served as musicians at this time.
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited Woolwich to witness the arrival of a party of the Royal Artillery from the Crimea, and the Queen requested that they be photographed. Photographs were taken by Cundall and Howlett from the Photographic Institute. From here

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  1. Thanks for the photo! The staff is not from military standard, though, it belonged to church: