Saturday 24 October 2009


Colour image Cantiniere of the Imperial Guides 1856 and Tonnelet de cantinière, 2e régiment de voltigeurs ayant appartenu à mme Faget Second Empire (1852-1870)
This was the main item for a Cantiniere or Vivandiere, highly decorated with regimental and patriotic adornments.

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  1. The term Vivandiere is innapropriate for the Second Empire.

    VIvandiere is the 1st Empire terminology. Cantiniere is the 2nd EMpire terminology adopted in 1852. There were only ever four such women per battalion. Until the 1840s they were not allowed to wear uniforms because they were civilian employees of the War Ministry, responsible to the Quarter-Master General. They were not as popularly thought female soldiers. They reached the hight of their popularity in the Second Empire and thereafter the Third Republic tried its best to get rid of them.