Saturday 24 October 2009

Ismail Pacha real name Kmety Gyorgy (1810-1865)

I've been trying to learn a little about the Ottoman Army in the Crimean War and I suppose the first port of call should be these Fenton photos of the Hungarian who commanded the Turkish troops - not to be confused with Ismael Pasha - Khedive of Egypt.
The CWRS publish a paper 'The true heroes of Balaklava' which is an attempt to redress the balance from the fact that the Turkish army was misused by the British and French command who wrongly thought they were only good for manual work.


  1. This Ismail pasha real name not Kmety György, namely Gen. Kmety never had been in Crimea. He served in the Caucasus during the Crimean war.

  2. well there is photographic evidence of Kmety in Crimea, the photographer of the war, Roger Fenton, photographed Kmety here:

    The photograph is part of a series that Fenton took during the war, Fenton was always based in Crimea. Kmety may have campaigned in the Caucasus but he was in the Crimea at some point.

  3. The proof is this letter:
    Otherwise see:

  4. On the photo is Egyptian general Ismail Haqqi Pasha abu Jabal (1818-1882).

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