Saturday, 18 December 2010


(From Zouave Francais)
Martial Chazotte

This photo was taken in 1860 when Chazotte was Captain of the Zouave regiment of the French Imperial Guard.

Chazotte served in the Guard Zouaves from 1855 to 1865, and fought in the Crimean War (wounded twice) and Franco-Austrian War (wounded at Magenta). He was promoted to Chef de bataillon in 1865 and transferred to the 3rd Zouaves. In 1869, he was back to the Imperial Guard, this time serving with the 4th Voltigeurs. Chazotte was wounded at Mars-la-Tour (Rezonville). He finished his career as Colonel of the 4th line infantry regiment (promoted to Colonel in 1875).

Chazotte in 1860 with other officers of the Guard Zouaves:

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  1. This captain was "capitaine- adjudant- major" when these photo was taken, this is a function in the regiment, wich consist of regulation of the every- days- life of the regiment, discipline .... There is only one "capitaine adjudant major" by regiment , and it is shown on the hungarians knots on his sleeves, one gold, one silver, one gold instead of three golds!

    Capitaine d'Anjou was "capitaine adjudant major" when he died at Cameron with his legionaries!