Sunday, 14 April 2019

John Bertolini's 1914 Germans

Sculpted and cast and painted by John. Excellent. Here's what he says

Here is a brigade of 1914 Germans. (1 of 2) Guns and maxims from Irregular Miniatures. 40mm homemade toy soldiers. 

Friday, 29 March 2019

The Fort Henry Guard in Ontario

The Fort Henry Guard (FHG) is a military reenactment organization based at Fort Henry, a national historic site in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It has recreated the British military tradition of a bygone era since its founding in 1938. The Guard seeks to interpret in an entertaining and animated manner, a snapshot of life in the British Army of Queen Victoria, when Canada was part of the British Empire. Guard members dress in the standard line infantry uniforms of a British regiment and the standard gunner's uniforms of the Royal Artillery in the year 1867, but the Guard does not represent any specific infantry regiment that garrisoned the fort.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Zouave Guards Buster Keaton The Play House 1921

This is pretty funny. 

The Monster Mortar - thanks to Scott Lesch

The Monster Mortar (French: Mortier Monstre) was one of the largest mortars ever developed. Also called Leopold or the Liege mortar, the 24 inches (610 mm) caliber mortar was conceived by the French artillery officer Henri-Joseph Paixhans. The mortar was manufactured under the direction of the Belgian Minister of War Baron Louis Evain and cast at the Belgian royal foundry in Liège, Belgium in 1832. It saw action at the Battle of Antwerp in December 1832.
"Siège de la citadelle d’Anvers, 22 décembre 1832". Au centre de la toile, les deux fils aînés du roi Louis-Philippe, le duc de Namours (en rouge) et le duc d'Orléans (barbu, à droite de Nemours) en compagnie du maréchal Gérard (à droite d'Orléans), ministre de la guerre. Huile sur toile d'Horace Vernet commandée en 1840 par le roi Louis-Philippe pour le Musée de l'Histoire de France à Versailles.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Forgotten ships in Paraguay

An email from a reader. Was very interesting so I thought I'd quote it.

 'Perhaps of interest. Vapor Cué Park in Paraguay. From the War of the Triple Alliance, 1864 to 1869. Stranded, forgotten & then recovered Paraguayan Navy steam squadron of six vessels, on static display deep in the plains of the interior of Paraguay. Miles from navigable water. In varied states of conservation. Two of these ships were built in the UK.

When searching Vapor Cué be sure to use the accent over the é. Otherwise you'll be directed to vaping paraphernalia'