Sunday, 1 July 2018

Hungarian Uprising 28mm

You might think this a period too obscure for figures but think again. Steve Barber models has a nice growing 28mm range.

Hungarian Revolution of 1848

I joined the group on Facebook 19th (1815-1914) Century Warfare and Wargaming - it's very good if you do FB. Anyway someone posted this - it's pretty good.  

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Custoza 1866

English language wiki
This is a pretty good clip despite the low quality - it's from Visconti's Senso (1954)
La battaglia di Custoza del 24 giugno 1866 fu la battaglia che diede inizio alle manovre offensive della Terza guerra d'indipendenza sulla terraferma e che vide la sconfitta delle truppe italiane, numericamente superiori e comandate dal generale La Marmora, di fronte alle truppe austriache dell'arciduca Alberto d'Asburgo, duca di Teschen. Le premesse politico-militari che condussero a questa battaglia sono sostanzialmente le stesse che diedero luogo allo scoppio della guerra austro-prussiana e, allo stesso tempo, della terza guerra d'indipendenza. (frammento dal film "Senso", Luchino Visconti, 1954) 


Today's anniversary. Wiki here states  It was the last major battle in world history where all the armies were under the personal command of their monarchs.[4]

Friday, 15 June 2018

Rare German tank from 1918 LK-II to ride again 100 years on

Image from here at Sweden's Arsenalen, Sveriges Försvarsfordonsmuseum
 100 year old tank on the move again
After 4 ½ years and nearly 5000 hours of voluntary work later, the first Swedish tank is now working again. The tank was delivered to Sweden in 1921 but it was produced in Germany already in 1918 which make it the oldest running German produced tank in the world.
The tank will be on display in the museum during the summer and it will be running at two occasions, one special event 18th of August and during the Tank Day 2nd of September.
Details here
Thanks to Steve Stanley for help with this.