Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Turkish Gambit part 1

Thanks to Scott for noticing this recent (2005) Russian film set in the Russo-Turkish war is up in parts with English subtitles on Youtube. I've just watched the first half and it is quite entertaining - well worth it. The bumph reads
The film is based on the second book from the Adventures of Erast Petrovich Fandorin series of novels written by the Russian author Boris Akunin. The film takes place in 1877 during the Russian-Turkish war. Erast Fandorin has just escaped from Turkish prison and is trying to get on the Russian side as soon as possible to give important information about the upcoming attack of the enemy. On his way he meets Varvara Suvorova, a young lady who is going to see her fiancée - a soldier of the Russian army. Erast also knows that there is a spy somewhere in the Russian army, everyone is under suspicion...


  1. I watched the whole film - really great !
    Do you know the Admiral, same "channel":
    Another great Russian movie, the Barber of Siberia:
    And finally:
    The Captain's Daughter:
    Russian historical movies are first rate !!!
    Also, not Russian, but set in Russia, Michel Strogoff:
    Tsarist Russia is a great theme for films !


  2. Great post!

    I love your site - I have bought a load of Strelet figures on the back of this film...

    Bought the book too - great stuff