Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A hero a day…a useful book for bloggers

Having returned from a week’s holiday, I have discovered a French book that should be helpful to Ralphus and myself in deciding what to post on this blog. It is L’Année française-un héros par jour by Charles Ponsonailhe, published in 1903. For each day of the year, it describes either a heroic event in French history or the life of a French hero who was born or died on that day. Thus for today, 2 November, we are told about General Rapp, one of Napoleon 1’s generals, who died on this day in 1821.

As this example demonstrates, only some of the men and events relate directly to this blog’s period, but quite a lot do. I’m sure that I will find it useful. Ralphus may also find it helpful for his Louis XIV and Flintlock and Tomahawk blogs.

The full text of the book is here.

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