Wednesday 22 September 2010

Curupaity Battle 1866

This battle was fought today in 1866 as part of the War of the Triple Alliance.

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  1. I did a paper on the War in college back in the 1970s. In my field of interest, the Paraguayans had a female unit referred to by M. Felix Belly in his proposal to recruit a female battalion in Paris.

    (google Translation)

    "...President Lopez, of Paraguay, has resisted for five to six years all the forces of Brazil and Rio de la Plata, not with the herds of Indians that he had inherited from the despotism of his father and Francia, but thanks to his regiments of women. They defended the fortress of Humaita, maneuvered his gun, carried out the boldest steps, and they have laid down their arms only after Lopez was killed by a bullet in Brazil..."