Sunday 15 August 2010

1857 Wurttembergischen - Mauser

Not sure whether this musket was used in 1866 but Pedersoli do a repro of this gun. Details from Cherry's Pedersoli page
Faithful reproduction of a military rifle, which in the past Century it was manufactured by the Gewehrfabrik in Oberndorf from 1857 to 1866. The infantry Württembergisch “Vereinsgewehr” 1857 model: with percussion lock and rifled barrel 13,9 mm (.547) caliber, was adopted in the States of Württemberg, Baden and Great Axia dukedom. An extremely accurate rifle reproduced to be a contender in the “Minié” 100 meters target shooting specialty. Equipped with a rear sight on a squared high base, adjustable for windage and elevation. It is a rifle which has to be carefully observed to appreciate the details, both technical and aesthetical ones. The barrel is 38 3/16 inches long. Weight: 9.48 lbs.

S290-54 .54 caliber percussion
$1,430.00 (Special Order Only)
(call for shipping and handling)

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