Monday, 19 July 2010

Studies for the below artwork

Thanks to Andre for sending these.
These 4 pictures are studies for the below painting by Pils.from the Musée Condé, Chantilly.


  1. I really would like some plastic figures of those troops! Maybe from Armies In Plastic. Metal is great but you can't sweep metal into a storage bin after "playing."

    I'm amazed at the ease at which they wear their knapsacks. Photos of these men bear out the snappy look show in the paintings.

    I've worn the Union Army brass shoulder scales in parades but not epaulettes. Nothing like this in a reenacted battle.

  2. Hi Scott
    I think the AIP US sharpshooters can easily be converted into chasseurs; I am thinking about it but I have not yet done it. Epaulettes can be made out of milliput, rifles shortened into carbines, the rest is just painting.

  3. Thank you Andre. I was thinking of that but that's WORK!

    I like having large numbers of "maintenance free" one color troops. I have done a lot of conversions and painting with Toy Soldiers of San Diego figures but they have to "live" on shelves. I'm hoping AIP does some early WW I era French in kepis. Their Foreign Legion is too hard to covert because of the neck cloth.

    There is a link to my blog...

    and you'll see some of my figures. There's more there than Cantinieres and corsets.