Thursday, 3 June 2010

Little wars and floor games

I've been trying to organise my thoughts about the subject of 1914 wargames. This image of H G Wells captures the essence of the interest in wargames at the time. This article 'Modelling for War? Toy soldiers in late Victorian and Edwardian Britain' looks worth studying. It claims the existence of a craze for toy soldiers and militarism in the decades prior to 1914. Britain's alone produced 200,000 figures a week in 1910. Many literary and political figures took part in battles that was part of a militarism that spread in the wake of the Boer war.
Been looking on the web for a booklet produced by Britains in 1908 The Great War Game for Young and Old with no luck.


  1. It's nice to able to point to HG Wells when anyone makes fun of your "Little tin soldiers."


  2. Hi, where might one be able to read that "Modling for War" article? Is that link the only place? Not sure I want to pay $12 for one article.