Friday, 4 June 2010

1914 in 1/32nd scale

This is almost feasable - Armies in Plastic do some nice sets like British lancers, Germans in pickelhaubes, Uhlans, all suitable for floor or garden wargames, but some omissions exist that need to be rectified. No one is doing French in kepi/capote unless you count the annoying plethora of Foreign Legion figures out there and nobody does British in caps though AIP do Indians and Highlanders for the period. Artillery - Emhar do some guns in 1/35 scale which are a little bit small but possibly useable.
Russian infantry and cossacks are also in AIP's expanding line of figures.
Landships forum has a piece on available artillery for this scale
Des kits do a French 75mm.


  1. We have to get on Armies-In-Plastic to do 1914 French and British.

    I've talked to Mr. Ciccarello a few times on the telephone in the past and he's dropped hints of what's in the works.

    I'd like to see the 1914 French in dark blue and backdate them to 1870. 1914 British might make good Mexican "Federale" for 1910-20.

  2. Maybe we ought to commission our own...have you ever tried that route? Presumably expensive but how expensive?