Wednesday 11 October 2023

Perry Miniatures Franco-Prussian wargame at Partizan

 From the Perry Miniatures Facebook page where there are many more photos. They say

"Better late than never!

Here's a few pics from our Franco-Prussian War game at Partizan last weekend. This was only the second game for that war that we've had as Michael has been building up the French army for a number of months. This was also the second game for the Valour and Fortitude rules for this period which were updated as we played, this being a play test.

An updated version of the V&F rules and playtest army sheets for the Franco-Prussian War and War of the Triple Alliance on our website

The Partizan game was hard fought with Jervis umpiring and Alessio, Ian plus Alan as French verses Dave, Chris, and Michael as the beastly huns. The French had two less infantry battalions and one less cavalry regiment so they sat back and let the Prussians attack, which they did! It was fairly close with the Prussians needing to get within range with their Dreyse rifles and suffering on the way in. I won't go into details but by the close of day the French had 4 victory points and the Prussians 2. One notable thing about the battle was Alessio's superhuman dice rolling! At one point he was throwing 5 dice and needing 5's or 6's, he got 5 6's!

You'll have to excuse the poor photos as they were taken on our phones. "

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