Wednesday 20 September 2023

Zoltán Barcy - Győző Somogyi : The Army of the War of Independence

Interesting book about the Hungarian War of independent I think. Anybody confirm or refute this?

Barcy Zoltán - Somogyi Győző : A szabadságharc hadserege

Hungarian War Games range
Honved War Games army


  1. Never seen that book, but there's not much out on that war apart from the two volume history by Helion (I haven't seen them either but their books are usually rather good, but not cheap).

  2. I have the english version of the honved army 1848-1849 by somogyi. I like the artwork and of course it’s not a popular uk Wargames subject. There is sufficient text for my needs so I got 116 pages in full colour often with 4/5 figures per page - some some less. You also get wagons artillery and in my case ships and a locomotive!