Thursday 5 August 2021

Mollo/Turner Army Uniforms of World War One

 I thought this was a good book. Blandford Colour series. 1977 I think. I don't have a copy - my local library had a copy. 

Belgian Army 1914 /from left to right): Carabinier cyclist, Infantry officer, Infantryman.


  1. A great book! My late mother presented a copy to me for Christmas 1983. It still occupies a prominent place on my bookshelf along with several other Mollo titles.

    Best Regards,


  2. Along with all the Blandford colour books, planes, AFVs, figures, this was always a bit scarce as a library copy. I might have seen it in the library once or twice as a child / growing up.
    I now have a battered second hand copy for reference

  3. I have a copy and agree it's a lovely book, the illustrations based on photographs are very effective. It's still avaialble on both Amazon and eBay.