Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Pendraken's 10mm Italian Wars figure plans

Pendraken give you the Italian wargamer chance to influence their expanding 59-66 range. From their forum
05 January 2017

One of our main jobs for 2017 is to revamp the existing 1859 and 1866 Italian ranges, combining the two into one larger, more comprehensive set of figures.  The 1866 Italians are one of the only remaining 'old' style ranges we've got now, so it's about time they got some attention.  The limited 1859 codes were all done as conversions from French/Prussian figures, so we might as well replace those with some nice new sculpts while we're at it.

Below is the current range list we'll be sending to the sculptor.  If this period is of interest to you, have a browse through and let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see included.  Thanks to mollinary for his help putting this together as well!


1859-1866 Italians
2 x Line, in tunic
2 x Line, in greatcoat
3 x Foot command, in tunic
5 x Grenadiers (2 foot and officer/standard/trumpeter)
5 x Bersaglieri (2 foot and officer/standard/trumpeter)
5 x Garibaldi (2 foot and officer/standard/trumpeter)
5 x Piedmontese infantry (2 foot and officer/standard/drummer or trumpeter)

5 x Line cavalry (dragoons) in helmet with lance (2 troopers and 3 command)
5 x Light cavalry, in kepi with lance (2 troopers and 3 command)
5 x Lancers, in shako with lance (2 troopers and 3 command)
(There were also two other cavalry types, guides and hussars, but with only 1 regiment of each we're not sure whether to do them yet).

4 x Line Artillery crew
4 x Horse Artillery crew (Voloire)
1 x 8pdr Artillery piece
1 x 16pdr Artillery piece

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