Sunday, 13 November 2016

Spencer Smith Franco-Prussian war 30mms

Here for listings pics etc
This is an impressive range. Might get some. I do like the traditional toy soldier stylings. Anyone got any experience with these figures? Painted by Eric Hall of Bonn and John Preece.
Eric Hall's Garde Zouaves

Eric Hall's Prussians


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  1. I was given some of the pre release castings from this range to paint, since then I have bought and painted more than a 1,000 for my own collection so you could say I am a fan.

    The designer David Scheinman worked for Tradition for many years and these figure owe more to Model Soldier than Wargames in their heritage. They are anatomically correct with no exaggerated raised detail.
    As a result they may be a little slower to paint if you are used to Foundry etc. But the results are worth it. You certainly can three shade them and put in eye whites and knuckles, but most people seem to buy them for their elegance and dignity and paint them accordingly.

    Although I am dubious of multi part castings these are an exception with the separate arms having a beautifully engineered joint that requires only a little superglue to form a permanent attachment. The ones I received have had little flash or trimming needed.

    The horses are available in two sizes for light and heavy cavalry. There have been no new releases over the last year, but the range is fairly complete and Peter Johnstone has always been open to suggestions.

    Mail order is fairly quick although it is a one man show. The range can be supplemented from the old Willie range of 30mm which provide some lovely cavalry and vivandieres.

    I cant think of anything else but I would urge anyone interested to get a few to try they are unique and you will instantly know whether you love or hate them.