Sunday, 9 October 2016

New book alert!

Stephen Summerfield (2017) THE ITALIAN CAMPAIGN OF 1859: The Campaign, Battles and Equipment

This is a study of aspects of the 1859 Campaign in Italy, in which the French Emperor Napoleon III, allied to forces from the Kingdom of Sardinia, attempted the independence of Italy from Austria. Success in the enterprise would replace Austrian influence south of the Alps with that of the French. There followed a brief campaign in Northern Italy culminating in the major battles of Magenta and Solferino. It was a fine example of “modern” warfare in the mid-19th century, influenced by the use of railways and the increasing power of artillery. Solferino is of course celebrated to this day as the birth of the Red Cross.
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  1. Where did you spot this? I can find no reference to it.

    1. I know the author from his work in the Seven Years War - more info
      Chapters 1-3 give an outline of the contending armies in 1859.

      Chapters 4-6 was originally produced as a lecture to the Royal United Services Institute, Major Miller assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign from a contemporary point-of-view.

      Chapters 8-11 are based upon translations by W. J. Fiedler and compiled by Ralph Weaver for the (1997) Foreign Correspondent issues 33 and 34, courtesy of the Continental Wars Society.

      The editor wishes to thank Ralph Weaver of the Continental Wars Society, Drew Birkmyre of Siege Work Studios, and not least Richard Brown of Ken Trotman Publishing for their assistance and comments.

  2. Should be available early November

  3. Should be available early November