Wednesday, 28 August 2013

General Nogi / Hakugaku Kuribayashi

Dear Ralphus,

I've just found & have enjoyed perusing your blog Warfare in the Age of 

Its reminded me of a living Russo Japanese War anachronism I came across 
when I was looking into that conflict some years ago. Hakugaku 
Kuribayashi, an octogenarian Japanese WWII veteran is also the curator 
of his private Nasu War Museum, in the small town of Nasu, Japan. The 
museum is predominantly WWII but what I find fascinating about Mr. 
Kuribayashi is this, which I quote from a piece written about his 

"The museum is privately run by a right-winger with a penchant for 
dressing up like General Nogi, a hero of the Sino-Japanese War (1894-95) 
who performed rather less well during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05). 
The General is also famous for having committed suicide (with his wife) 
when the Meiji Emperor died in 1912.

Mr. Kuribayashi is also seen dressed in Meiji period uniform as 
General Nogi during ceremonies at the Yasukuni Shrine War Memorial in 
Tokyo. I admire his devotion to the Emperor & his unapologetic imperial 
patriotism. I see this as reenacting brought to an almost transcendent 

I hope you find this of interest & I include some links below.

Respectfully, William Voorhest, Montauk, NY

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