Sunday, 8 May 2011

Red Baron (2008)

If you are reading this in the UK on Sunday then you might be interested to know BBC2 are screening this German movie at 5.30. I'll be there as I have only seen a German language version of this movie and I missed quite a lot of the plot not being that good at German. Wiki on the movie

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  1. I saw the DVD version in English. The flying scenes and the CGI special effects were pretty good but I was reminded too much of Lord Of The Rings. It's the kind of movie that "buffs" watch and point out inaccuracies as it's about a real person. In Blue Max and even Hells Angels in 1930 real aircraft were used and the plots were purposely fictional making better films.

    I am beginning to like the period so The Red Baron is a fun film like Flyboys and even The Very Long Engagement. Thank you for posting this clip.