Wednesday 11 August 2010

Schleswig Wars reenactment film

I expect you can guess how my train of thought lies. Get the Austro-Prussian war Germans and Austria up to Denmark and get ACW reenactors to help out on the Danish side and you could have a nice tourism event for the 2nd Schleswig War.


  1. Since they aren't reenacting a battle, Americans would refer to this kind of an event as a "tactical demonstration." Getting the Prussians up to play with the Danish would make a good show! I'm kind of flattered that the Danes "play" at my country's Civil War.

  2. Ralph

    There are three distinct Danish infantry uniforms worn by the re-enactors in this sequence. The spectacular, but old-fashioned, uniform of red coat and bell-topped shako was worn in 1848, at the beginning of the First Schleswig War (1848-51). In 1849, this was replaced by the other uniform seen at the beginning of the film sequence; dark blue coatee and light blue kepi and light blue trousers. This uniform was worn for the rest of the First Schleswig War.

    In the Second Schleswig War of 1864, the Danish infantry wore the uniform you see at the end of the film sequence; rather drabber and more modern, with a dark blue and differently shaped cap.