Thursday 15 July 2010

Reminiscences of an officer of Zouaves

Translated from the French. 1860. By Jean Joseph Gustave Cler. In the 2nd Zouaves I think.
Covers the Crimea and much more. I think we had the same work in its French form a few days ago but this edition would have been read in the Americas in the run-up to the Civil War. Just to give you a little taster:
Lord* Frederick Paulet, colonel of the Coldstream Guards, whose tent stood close to the bivouac of the Zouaves, said to Colonel Cler, as he sorrowfully shook his hand, " No later than last night, there were three fine fellows in it, all three of whom have honorably fallen upon yon bloody field. To-night, I am all alone; —come, then, and share my tent with me, and let me flatter myself with the hope, that I have at least gained a new friend, in lieu of the three whom I have lost."
Photo of Cler here

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  1. Cler was killed at Magenta in 1859, commanding a brigade of the Imperial Guard, which included the Zouaves of the Imperial Guard.