Monday 26 July 2010

Morgan's Raid

As today in 1863 (according to the wiki) saw the end of Confederate John Hunt Morgan's raid into the Ohio I thought I'd post these brilliant images of a 2003 recreation of that event. The caption says
Photos from a 55 mile reenactment ride of part of Confederate General J.H. Morgan's original route through southeastern Ohio. Several hundred mounted Civil War reenactors took part in the week long ride, where along the way they were ambushed by Ohio home guards, and pursuing Union Cavalry. With the horse drawn artillery and the supply wagons in tow, the column of horsemen made an impressive sight, and thousands of Ohio residents lined the roads to witness the column's passing. It was the largest contingent of horsemen to ride through the area since John Morgan's cavalry passed through in 1863.
If this whets your appetite for more there's an 1867 History of Morgans cavalry on Google books.

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