Wednesday 28 July 2010

Interesting 1866 photo

My Italian ain't up to much but I think this an Austrian soldier fighting in the South Tyrol.
From here.
Where all is explained in Italian


  1. My Italian isn’t up to much either, but this is a soldier from the Austrian Infantry Regiment No. 11, Crown Prince Albert of Saxony in 1866.

    This regiment recruited mainly in Bohemia and formed part of the South Tyrol defence force in 1866, As such it was mainly engaged against Garibaldi’s irregulars in a number of actions, including Bezzecca on 21 July.

    According to Stuart Sutherland’s The Austrian Army of 1866 “This southeastern Bohemian regiment had had an outstanding performance at San Martino in 1859, and was well regarded. The field regiment was divided into company detachments among three brigades, and had very light losses.”

  2. Hallo, living in the area of the war 1866, I am very interesting for its history - please, let me know (if you know, of course) the name of the photographer (firm label etc.). Thanks!