Monday 19 July 2010

Chasseurs a pied in the Crimea

A couple of close ups from this image. Interesting to see one of the Chasseurs is wearing a chechia - apparently the Bersaglieri adopted this as an undress headgear in the Crimea - do you think there was someone with a shop selling them?

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  1. Hi Ralph
    This I think is one of the best paintings representing the chasseurs à pied. Regarding the chechia, I recently spent a week in Istanbul and there were many for sale to tourists, but like the ones on your other Tunisian or algerian websites, they are hard while the ones used here are soft and have no tassel. They were certainly used as undress cap by the chasseurs d'Afrique and why not by others. See here for instance to buy an antique one:
    Otherwise, for an ACW chechia:
    But they are very different.