Saturday 24 July 2010

The Baltic - the forgotten theatre

I thought as a few of the units recreating the Crimean war are from St Petersburg it might be worth thinking a little about the Baltic theatre. Bomarsund, now in Finland is the place with the most having taken place with an Anglo-French force landing and taking the fortress. Apparently 300 Finnish grenadiers were taken prisoner and brought back to prison in Lewes. Some 2000 prisoners were brought back. (See piece on visiting the Russian prisoners at Lewes here)
The Crimean War in Finland.


  1. Ralph, This post rang a bell as I found a cantiniere picture related to these events. Might be of interest. It's a humourous cartoon journey of a family to Bomarsund during the allied occupation.

    "Familjen Tutings lustresa till Bomarsund

    av Fritz von Dardel 1854"

  2. The cartoon adventures with the French start on this page.....

  3. it's very good and quite funny - thanks!