Saturday 5 June 2010

I, Berlioz (1993)

Here's a test for you - in the middle of this movie for tv are some battle scenes - some from Bondarchuk's Waterloo but the other clips are of 1870 Bavarians - looks good but what movie? Check out from about 2:20. Maybe these reconstructions were made specifically for the programme?


  1. Looks like a few clips for the German movie Kolberg. The infantry lying under the guns and the massed columns of troops in bicorn hats. The "Prussian" extras in the 1870 scenes look so uncomfortable with that awful "right shoulder arms" position. Was that supposed to be Berlioz helping with the stretcher?


  2. Tony Palmer Films: TPDVD116
    I, Berlioz

    Corin Redgrave

    "..89 minute film directed by the acclaimed, award-winning director Tony Palmer and starring Corin Redgrave.

    “I, Hector Louis Berlioz, composer, musician, citizen of France, tell you, in this my Last Will and Testament, that my subject is – and has always been – war.”

    So begins an epic journey through the terrible struggles that Berlioz endured to get his great opera The Trojans performed. He never succeeded, and the effort cost him his life.

    Sir Brian Young, former Director- General of the IBA, wrote at the time of the first transmission: “Absolutely magnificent. It will win the Prix Italia and every BAFTA award going.”.."

  3. Sorry I didn't check before, Berlioz died in 1869. Narration from the grave?