Wednesday 23 June 2010

Bugle calls - Civil War

I don't know why but I have got interested in bugle calls - I suppose they are synonimous with this era and it might have something about me trying to play one of those football trumpets but I would like to learn to play sometime. I wonder what the French calls are like?


  1. This bugler is Jan Berger from the German Mess progressive reenacting group. I am part of the French Mess and we often " play " together.
    This clip was shot in our Normandy reenactment camp a few years ago. This guy is really great, he knows a lot of the bugle calls, and he is also a sutler who makes leather equipment:
    He also made my chasseur à pied 1845 cartridge box on the basis of JMO info provided by me.
    The bugle calls for the chasseur à pied are provided in the manual, i.e. "Ordonnance du Roi sur l'exercice et les manoeuvres des bataillons de chasseurs a pied" which was translated by Hardee for the US army. I have not looked into the matter as I am not a musician but I guess the bugle calls are the same. By the way Jan Berger sells a copy of the 1845 clairon d'ordonnance which is made specially for him in some developing Asian country.
    André Fonteyne, Belgium

  2. I just listened to a few of the calls and the one called " the charge" is used in the music of the song "Le clairon" by Paul Deroulède, so yes I am pretty sure the calls are the same.
    The French manual is not available on line but the American one is:
    see calls from page 221.