Monday 7 June 2010

British Light Infantry in the Crimea

Photo; Sergeant of British Light Infantry in the Crimea from here where there are other images from the Crimea.

I was looking to see what my local regiment - the 13th (Somerset) Light Infantry were up to in the Crimea. The 1/13th Regiment, now under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Mark Kerr, left Gibraltar on 7th June, 1855 and disembarked at Balaclava on 30th June, 1855, in time for the final stages of the Siege of Sebastopol, which was captured on 9th September, 1855. The Regiment returned to Gibraltar, arriving there on 7th June, 1856, exactly one year after departure for the Crimea. From here

Useful page on centre companies equipment and sources for repro for the 57th.

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