Thursday 24 June 2010

71st Highland Light Infantry in the Crimea

Colour image from 1844.

Been thinking of how we can get more Americans into this period - plenty of Yanks go over for Waterloo so maybe in time some might fly to the Crimea. Certainly there's a lot of ACW reenactors - but what would appeal to them? I came to the conclusion that any of the Highland regiments would be possibly popular - certainly the Crimea was the theatre that sealed the legend of the Highland soldier in the minds of the British public.
The Highland Light Infantry had a pretty unique uniform in the Crimea - see it here from Fenton on a colour sergeant.


  1. In the above print, does it say if the civilians in the cart are recruits?

    Age and the economy prevent me from reenacting the Crimean War. (I do have the Enfield Rifle though) Many American reenactors DO have the Scottish bug right after the 1000s who wish to be Irish. The 1850s kit for both the Highlanders and the Highland Light infantry is very handsome.


  2. Several members of the 93rd Highlanders reenacting group in the US (who primarily represent the 93rd at New Orleans 1815) are working towards reproducing the uniform and kit for the Crimean War period. While many members of the US 93rd have visited Europe for Waterloo, falling in with the 92nd (and we plan to do so in the future) any trips to the Crimea would require a much greater leap of faith. The events in 2010 with the 57th from the UK did prove quite promising, however.

  3. I reenact the 79th NY Cameron Highlanders ACW. Im interested in the Crimean war, as it deals with my persona being an ex British soldier. I would love to go to Alma and "charge" the heights.
    I could go back to the Crimea as 79th foot, Kilt and feather bonnet. sure there are repro 79th foot buttons and the like. But I would really Like to go as 55th Foot, since thats my "old regiment" for my civil war persona. hopefully within the next few years I'll be able to go, as I am working on my kit. as for others? not sure, many dont know about the Crimean war over here in the states... but as most reenactors have half the kit for say British line infantry (rifle brogans shirt, wooden canteen?), it wouldn't be that hard to convince them to fight in the crimea. The one aspect that "scares" me, is i'm traveling to a country I dont speak their language , and im bringing in firearms... just a concern, I hope to talk with the 57th boys about how to go about it...