Friday 14 May 2010


I started trying to find a little about the Austrian army in the war of 1866 and of course the man who is someone who documented the Austrian army with such skill is Ottenfeld whose work you probably all know.


  1. Hello from Czech Republic!
    This picture was special for Ottenfeld. Its portrayals 38. Infanterie Regiment Graf Haugwitz at charge on Chlum in final phaze of battle of Konigratz. Major who leads battalion is Rudolf Otto von Ottenfeld, father of the famous military artists. This regiment lost 12 officers and 446 men in this fight. Among killed was also Major Ottenfeld. His story was completely heroic. He was heavily wounded at village Rozběřice and then protect the battalions banner by his lying body. 4. july he was bleed to death, because he refused help from Prussians in order to not show them the banner.
    Photo of his monument at Hejcmanka by Rozběřice:

    Ondřej Král

  2. Hello there!
    One of the things that few remembered about the 38. Infanterie "Haugwitz" is that at the time of the battle of Sadowa/Koniggratz all of soldiers (not the officers) came from Monselice, in the nowaday italian region of Veneto, in 1866 under Austro-Hungarian rule. Other italian regiments during this period were the 13. Infanterie "Bamberg", whose recruits came from Padua, and the 80. Infanterie "Prinz Holstein" (Vicenza). Since after the war of 1866 the Veneto was ceded to the Kingdom of Italy, most of these men met heavy official hostility when they recalled their war experiences, and little of their valour or deeds is now remembered in Italy.

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