Friday 23 April 2010

Reenacting the French in the Crimea

As you can tell from the below posts I have been looking at the Chasseurs in this period as I had a nice email from someone in the UK. If any of you can help please email me or post a comment.
Dear Ralph
I have looked at the different topics and photographs etc on your blog 'Warfare in the age of steam' and I am wondering if you may be able to assist me in some research I am undertaking? I am a reenactor in England and wish to portray an NCO within a French Light Infantry Regiment out in the Crimea, pre the amalgamation of the Light Infantry with the Normal line in late1854. My other half also intends to portray a Cantiniere within the same regiment. I am struggling at the moment to get specific information on the intricate details of the uniform and the equipment, as there were many changes taking place during this period. Many of the paintings are unclear and photos tend to be of officers. Would you be able to point me in the direction of any primary sources or contacts that might help me come to any definate conclusions? I am interested in anything from the detail of the coatees, such as cuff designs and buttons to details on the weapons and equipment. Even information on the specific regiments out in the crimea, losses and defeats etc.
I would be extremely grateful for any assistance you are able to offer and look forward to your repsonse.
Kind Regards
James Deering


  1. Dear Mr. Deering,

    A chasseur uniform coat appears on page 149 in Echoes Of Glory, Arms and Equipment of the Union, Time/Life 1991. It's in the collection of C. Paul Loane. This may be of interest as these uniforms were purchased from France. Micheal McAfee of the West Point collection may also be of help as West Point has a pair of Chasseur trousers from the 14th Brooklyn which may be of the same French construction.

    Also a search of American Civil War Chasseur regiments may turn up photos with the details you are looking for.

  2. The Vinkhuijzen collection of military uniforms at the NPL..


    Also RMN. They have a lot of period images and photos of Uniforms.

    The Anne S K Brown collection on-line (slow but sure) large downloadable images.