Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cantinières and Vivandières of the French Army

You lucky people! Why? Well not only is Thomas Cardoza's eagerly anticipated book Intrepid Women: Cantinières and Vivandières of the French Army now out he has done a companion website
which explores a lot of the themes in a readable and visually impressive way. There is lots to see on the website and you will no doubt put it on your favourites.
Thomas has put a lot of interesting stuff on this website - knocking a few myths out of the park and he has to be congratulated for his work and sharing it with the wider world through the web.


  1. Mr. Cardoza had a 1998 paper on-line.

    "Service to the Nation, Devotion to the Regiment: Cantinières of the French Army, 1793-1906"

    I hope to get a copy of his book. I've tried to get girlfriends and even my wife to dress as a cantiniere at reenactments.


  2. Hi Scott...Mr Cardoza wanted to email you but couldn't find an address so if you could email him?

  3. Sure...I hope he's not mad at me for any reason.