Wednesday 24 March 2010

Battle of Bentonville - 2010

Lots of film up on Youtube of this recently held reenactment in North Carolina. This one is well done and worth the watching.


  1. Dear Somerset,
    Just returned from this reenactment where I participated as a Federal infantryman. Dandy battles: dug trenches, Henry rifles barking at the rebs, deafening volleys of musket fire and a mounted Confederate officer who resembled Jo Johnston, and "every inch a soldier," as Sam Watkins wrote. Very few "goofy" uniform impressions and a lot of young fellers in the ranks. Weather was superb. A fine event!

  2. Hi Jubilo.

    Some photos posted on The Civil War Reenactors Forum of the Trenches.

    I went to a number of these Bentonville reenactments back in the 1980s and 90s so I like to see what folks are doing now. Looked like fun.

  3. Bismarck (1940)

    Mr. Mitchard,

    You may wish to see or embed the video of Bismarck (1940) There are some Prussian military scenes at around the 1 hr mark am 1:30 hr. mark. It's on Google Video.