Tuesday 9 February 2010

Bull Run from North and South

I like this depiction of the battle from this old high budget miniseries - can't say it's accurate as I don't know but it's pretty watchable.


  1. Very evocative battle scenes, but the acting leaves a little to be desired... :o))

    Any idea who the Union regiment in red coats and black slouch hats are??

  2. Steve,
    I believe they were meant to be troops from Minnesota. There was a unit of them at the Mannasas reenactment back in 1986

  3. The trouble with US Civil war movies is that they act like it's a patriotic pageant with speeches instead of lines. No-one seems comfortable with the period speech.

    The number of women and kid spectators is exaggerated as in the movie The Blue and The Grey. To get to Centreville, Va. to watch, which was as close to the battle as civilian spectators got, involved an overnight trip with a carriage etc. Most spectators were civilian males from the government in DC.

    BTW ..that is the First Minnesota in their red battle shirts.

    I've seen Bull Run/First Manassas done a number of times in movies. The Blue and The Grey, North and South, Class of 61, They Died With Their Boots On, and Gods and Generals.

    Thanks for the film post!