Monday 2 November 2009


I can't work out whether these 40mm moulds are still in production. I found some moulds on ebay and this site

If anyone can tell me... they look like really classic figures - I think they represent the German army in the last few years before it went into field grey but I'm not sure. Reading the web a lot of people use them for conversions.


  1. Zinnbrigade is made by Schildkrot, but they ended their production years ago. On this moment webstores like etc, still sell these moulds. This company and a few other companies have bought the remaining stock from Schildkrot and are now selling these remaining moulds. Because these moulds are so very well manufactured and thereby sustainable, you easily can buy and use second hand moulds from ebay.

  2. for more details regarding Zinnbrigade moulds please refer to