Friday 2 October 2009

Zouaves of the World Blog

A great blog for Zouave fans like me. Lots of interesting links to all the groups who recreate these African-inspired elite infantry and all manner of articles about the worldwide phenomenon. Did you know a Zouave invented cigarettes? Apparently during the Crimean war a Zouave soldier broke his pipe and used cartridge paper instead creating a global craze - this is why you see a Zouave on Zigzag rolling papers. Anyway check out the links - there's some interesting groups out there - the 3eme Zouaves from Germany look the business - doing the brilliant idea of doing Civil War as well. This image is from the reenactment of Thionville from the Franco-Prussian war. Not featured but of interest to me is the new US based 2nd Zouaves recreating French troops of the period 1852-1918.

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