Monday 5 October 2009

Sebastopol capote and kepi

So it seems an extra cape could be added to the French capote for the Crimean elements.

Criméenne et képi ayant appartenu au général de Marolles (1808-1855)
Description :
Général du 2e voltigeurs de la Garde impériale ; vêtement utilisé lors de la prise de Sébastopol (1855) (C) Paris - Musée de l'Armée, Dist. RMN / Pascal Segrette
Period : Second Empire (1852-1870)
Technic/Material : brass, drap, leather (material)


  1. Ermmm....the Crimeene is a TOTALLY DIFFERANT GARMENT to the Capote!

    The standard capote was double breasted and no use in winter because it was made from thin cloth - the same as the tunique - and was so close fitting it could not be layered over other garments.

    The Crimeenes were produced in blue, green and brown cloth which was much thicker than the standard capote cloth and had both a hood and a shoulder cape.