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From the wiki German military rifles

 M1869 and M1869 "Aptiertes" Werder (Bavaria)


M1869 Werder rifle

Bavaria was engaged in several central European conflicts during the late 19th century, opposing Prussia in the Austro-Prussian war in 1866; however it then joined Prussia against France in 1870–71. Bavaria remained an autonomous state bound by treaty to Prussia between 1866 and 1870 and was incorporated into the newly established German Empire in 1871.

In 1869, Bavaria adopted the Werder M1869 chambered for a rimmed centerfire metallic cartridge, the 11×50mmR, a rifle designed by Johann L. Werder based on the Peabody dropping block action, to replace the breech loaded Lindner. After Prussia and others adopted the Mauser M1871 as their standard rifle Bavaria modified their Werder rifles into the "M1869 Aptiertes Werder", chambered for the same 11×60mmR cartridge as the Mauser M1871 used. The Werder remained the primary Bavarian arm until replaced by the Gewehr 1888.

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