Saturday 5 February 2022

Royal Flash 1975 Malcolm McDowell Full Movie

 Royal Flash is a 1975 British adventure film based on the second Flashman novel (of the same name, 1970) by George MacDonald Fraser. It stars Malcolm McDowell as Flashman. Additionally, Oliver Reed appeared in the role of Otto von Bismarck, Alan Bates as Rudi von Sternberg, and Florinda Bolkan played Lola Montez. Fraser wrote the screenplay and the film was directed by Richard Lester.

Though it received good reviews for its performances and action scenes, Royal Flash had only a limited release in cinemas.

Trailer here


  1. Excellent film of an excellent series of books. I once got a chat up line from a girlie saying I reminded her of Ollie Reed!...

  2. Oliver Reed was a brilliant Bismarck! I have the film on DVD, it’s just a shame that this was the only book made into a film as it’s the only non-historical story being based on The Prisoner of Zenda, although put in a historical setting.
    The film also featured Bob Hoskins, David Jason, Lionel Jeffries, Henry Cooper, Jos Auckland, Christopher Cazenove and Britt Eckland - and that’s just the ones I remember!