Tuesday 24 August 2021


 Been looking for a rule set that specifically deals with 1914 and found one. Created for 12mm figs that they produce. There is a sample Pdf of the rules and pictures of the figures. Anyone got this? I must say it looks interesting.



  1. I have but have yet to have a game due to Covid restrictions still in place at home. There are some quirks in the rules around cavalry charging infantry, but they seem to offer a good game. With no dedicated forum that I could find, I'm not sure how successful they have been as a set of rules. The author did respond to a Facebook question that my friend posed. Hope this helps?

  2. Played a couple of games our group found the rules represented the periods command control very well, General play ran smoothly and games could be finished in a timely manner, thumbs up from the TSOGgers 👍
    A link to an AAR...