Monday 14 June 2021

Fort Starke by David Welch 54mm

 'Here’s the initial lay-out for my Fort Starke diorama. I’m calling it Fort Starke in homage to the great western writer James Warner Bellah, the author of many great short stories about cavalrymen stationed at Fort Starke. These stories appeared in the Saturday Evening Post and were used for the epic trilogy of cavalry films directed by John Ford that starred John Wayne — “Fort Apache,” “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” and “Rio Grande.” I’ve used BMC buildings for officers’ quarters and mess halls, a New Ray farmhouse for the Commanding Officer’s home, Barzso barracks and HQ buildings, Max block houses and walls, Mattel cabins and ideal and Auburn cabins for other post buildings. I still need to add in some pioneer women, a whole mess of other cavalry soldiers and some horses to the corral. I’ve only a few soldiers manning the post right now. Perhaps the bulk of the command led by Captain Nathan Brittles and 1st Lieutenant Flint Cohill is out chasing renegade Apaches or Cheyenne Dog Soldiers…?'

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