Wednesday 8 June 2011

The Colt (2005) 1 of 9

Daytime tv - sometimes it's worth watching. This sentimental movie about the birth of a colt and its effect on two groups of soldiers during the Civil War has just been on and I have to admit I enjoyed it. You can watch it in chunks


  1. It is enjoyable and the uniforms and clothing are pretty good. Sometimes it helps to tell a small story rather than an epic.

  2. there was a scene which made me think of you Scott when they were looking at lingerie accidents in a magazine...

  3. Ha! Good call on me. More to come on toy soldiers, cantinieres and pretty women on my blog
    I remember the trooper looking at the magazine pictures which were really two Carte de visit sized cartoons found in the Time Life Civil War series. "Fishing in her britches" said the trooper. The woman in the cartoon actually wasn't wearing any.