Wednesday, 19 January 2011


This battle was fought near Paris today 140 years ago. A final attempt to break out of the besieged city. Henri Regnault the painter was killed by a German bullet. Read about it here


  1. The Wiki article on the battle of Buzenval, to which Ralph has posted a link, is confusing in that it is illustrated by a reproduction of a painting by de Neuville which, understandably, Ralph has copied here. Whereas the text describes the 19 January 1871 battle, the de Neuville painting depicts an earlier action at Buzenval on 22 October the previous year.

    As to Henri Regnault, who was killed 150 years ago today, I commented on 19 September last year on his depiction in Meissonier’s allegorical painting of the siege of Paris.

  2. Sorry - I meant 140 years ago.