Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Musée d'Infanterie- Montpellier- chasseurs à pied 1845

One of the best museums illustrating the French Infantry is the "Musée de l'Infanterie" in Montpellier. They have recently put detailed pictures of their display rooms on-line.
For the period we are mostly interested in, here is the link for the infantry:

For the Chasseurs à pied:

Some of the uniforms and/or pieces of equipment are copies, made in 1930, notably the ones shown in this post, which represent the uniforms worn by the 8th battallion chasseurs d'Orléans at Sidi-Brahim, where many of them were massacred by the Algerian tribesmen led by Abd-El-Kader.


  1. Very interesting information! Thank you! Glad to see this shako of voltigeurs 18th Line Regiment

  2. Hi Ralph,

    thanks for the great link!