Friday 10 December 2010

Campagnes du Second Empire - a new book

One of the people I met on my recent visit to the Loigny commemorations (see my post of 2nd December) was M. Bernard Giovanangeli, a French independent publisher who specialises in books about the Second Empire. He had brought with him some advance copies of a splendid new “coffee table” book Campagnes du Second Empire. It is illustrated throughout in colour with excellent reproductions of contemporary battle paintings, many of which have already appeared on this blog but others of which were new to me. It is published today and I have ordered a copy as a Christmas present to myself.

The new book is in the same format as M. Giovanangeli’s earlier work 1870 – Les soldats et leurs batailles which I also strongly recommend. Even those with a limited reading knowledge of French should get a lot out of these books, whose real strength is in the quality of their illustrations.

M. Giovanangeli’s website is here.


  1. 1870 is a beautifull book! and the new one will be in my shoes under the christmas tree!!!!


  2. Very Good. I remember that Pere Noel leaves gifts in the shoes of good French children.

    Hopefully a good line of 1/32 scale plastic Napoleon III French troops will be produced.