Saturday 6 November 2010

More for Paco

Paco is right to reproach me for failing to mention the French contribution at Inkerman. At the end of a week in which there has been much ill-informed press comment about the possible problems of closer Anglo-French military co-operation in the future, it is good to be able to record an occasion on which it worked well enough.

Here are two details of a painting by Gustave Doré of the Zouaves arriving to rescue the British Guards:

And here is General Bosquet, widely seen as the ‘man of the match’, in a portrait by Horace Vernet:


  1. Off course it was a jok! briitish troops hold the line during all the day , and french troops came at the right momment ! both contributed to the victory!
    there was only one hero that day, it was all the simple privat's people (british, russian or french)that suffered during a long long time!!!!


  2. thanks for these images - never seen them before...

  3. Hi everyone! I'm new here and have to say I already love this place! Thanks for sharing those images with us, Charles.

    Take a look at this thread:

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    I'm ZOUAVE over there. I'm a moderator of that forum.

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